New Additions to the D’Arlo Figurines Border Reviers Range

New Border Reiver figures from D’Arlo Figurines – this time Garrison troops. Larger towns such as Berwick and Carlisle had Garrison troops, and these figures are designed to represent them. However, as the D’Arlo range concentrates on the last 20 years of the Reiver period, these figures are also suitable as ‘footloon’ the foot soldiers that were locally raised to protect the area, who by this time had become quite well armed. They are also suitable for use in the Irish Wars of the 1590’s.

Future Releases will include Garrison Musketeers and Command.

Three new packs are available:

DFBR14 Garrison or Footloon Archers

DFBR15 Garrison or Footloon Halberdiers

DFBR16 Garrison or Footloon Calivermen