What the?!?! Brutal Cities is celebrating 5 years this month, on the 30th April!
I want to say thanks for your interest and business over this time, It went so quickly. I've made some great friends via this small business, which was something I didn't expect, but most welcome.
I hope you guys have had got some value from our social media, or blog posts, or from the awesome terrain I make.

Free 6mm Vantann Office Building (The small guy in the foreground with any purchase of the terrain in the background!)
This will also stack with the $15 off discount code if you enter your feedback in the Epic Scale Terrain Survey, which has been great help to get feedback from the community to see what direction I should go next regarding small scale terrain designs. It's a quick quiz for 6mm up to 15mm scale wargames.

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Thanks everyone, here's to keeping the production firing so I can give you more great terrain options for your hobby,
Heartfelt thanks,