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Angel Barracks


Alpha Squad

Bravo Squad

Charlie Squad

Delta Squad

MS1 Pathmaster

RDF Base


Scratch Built Objective




Here are all 4, some shiny and done proper and some not so shiny and done the Junker way.


I have managed to make myself a little scenery piece.
It uses metal models, resin models and printed models.

It is Steve Chang’s broadcasting studio for his independent TV channel; KR TV.

The tower is from Brigade Models and is printed in WSF.
WSF is for most things appallingly bad due to its very rough finish, however for things like corroded masts, it looks just right.
It is easy to get a pitted rusted look.
(The ladder is an accessory from a train model, N gauge I think)

Steve’s skimmer is from C in C.
I have painted it up using a different style to how I normally do.
I have gone for exaggerated almost comic book style highlighting.
I do like the look but am not sure it fits with my overall style.

The skimmer is the Skywalker model made by MCP (Mazda Consumer Products.)
We can see that Steve has left it on as it is still hovering.

The actual building is my small Junker Dwelling.
Ideal as a simple structure for out in the badlands away from prying eyes.


Stand by for more…



Updated the KR TV station:


Restoring a Bullfrog amphibious 4×4 back to its civilian state.
The Junker Insurgents use the Bullfrog pick up and convert it using their techie know-how into military vehicles:

However the master model was designed as the civilian version first, as such it is dead easy to convert it back to its civilian state.

First get the 2 parts, chop off the support jack.
Then file off the greebles.
This takes about 60 seconds or so.

Then stick it in place and prime, you are good to go!

This will be one of many I shall be converting.