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    A while back I bought some Peter Pig early war French and Germans and was thinking they would be good for Chain of Command. I need to round out both forces with just a few more figures so my question is, what other figures would match or should I just stick with PP?


    If you only need a few it may be best to stick with PP as not many others still sell in small packs. I quite like Essex and Skytrex have some useful packs. Some Battlefront packs are good others hideous and they only sell platoon packs as do forged in battle. Bit difficult to say what mixes with what. My late war PP go very well with BF Essex and FiB but Skytrex are noticeably smaller. PP have also grown in stature over the years and I think the early war are older sculpts. BF vary in size quality etc depending on when or who sculpted them

    Allen Curtis

    Skytrex figures can be ordered directly from Skytrex in small “squad” packs, rather than the big bags of the same when branded as Command Decision/Old Glory.  They will be the closest in size to the older PP sculpts.  See for example:



    If you need platoon-sized packs and support weapons, there are Forged in Battle’ early war ranges:


    Same sculptor as the Skytrex/Command Decision, so similar style and similar quirks (both + and -).



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    Don’t forget the QRF also offer a wide range of WW2, available in small bags (8 foot or 4 cavalry), including French, Belgians, Dutch and Polish.


    QRF Models Limited


    Thanks for the replies. I’ll probably stick with PP as I’m specifically after rifle grenades for the French and 50mm mortar for the Germans which others don’t seem to do.

    Ivan Sorensen

    Since you don’t need that many for Chain of Command, PP will serve you just fine. I’ve mixed with some of the Command Decision figures and had no issues.

    The Battlefront guys are chunkier but on a gaming table, no one honestly notices. Last time I played, it was Battlefront British versus mostly PP Germans and it was fine.

    Nordic Weasel Games

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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