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    Avatar photoJust Jack


    Stand by for some gratuitous pics of WWII US Marines in 15mm! I’ve got troops from Battlefront and Eureka, and some vehicles from Gaming Models and Zvezda. I’ve been painting my butt off the past year and a half, have completed a bunch of projects, and now I figure it’s time to share some photos of them.

    The whole mess, laid out on my beach mat from War Sigil:
    1 Company Commander
    1 FO Stand
    1 Corpsmen Stand
    4 x Platoon Commander Stands
    3 x HMG (M-1917) stands
    2 x LMG (M-1919) stands
    2 x Mortar (60mm) stands
    6 x Engineer stands (2 x Flamethrower, 2 x Bazooka, and 2 x Satchel/Pole charge)
    1 x Pack howitzer (75mm) stand
    1 x Anti-Tank Gun (37mm) stand
    12 x Rifle Stands
    2 x LCVP
    1 x LVT
    1 x Jeep

    Grunts on the move.

    Linin’em up and knockin’em down.

    An M-1917 water-cooled .30-caliber machine gun from Eureka.

    A 60mm mortar team from Eureka.

    The 37mm M-1 anti-tank gun. The crew is from Eureka while the gun is from Battlefront. You can see a great mix of different uniforms in this photo.

    Wouldn’t be WWII Leathernecks without a flamethrower (from Battlefront) or two 😉

    To see a bunch more photos, please check the blog at:

    Unfortunately I have not finished up their adversaries. As disciplined as I’ve been painting and basing (I’ve got a LOT more to show you), I’m running out of steam. I haven’t had much time the past month because of Little League Baseball, but the spare time I have had has seen it very difficult to make myself sit down and paint. Here’s to hoping I get over it quick, I can’t wait to get my Marines in the Pacific campaign going again!



    Avatar photoMartinR

    Very nice indeed Jack.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Thank you, Martin, I appreciate it.

    Next up is some gear and troops for the Vietnam War, followed by Brits for NW Europe, Germans for Europe, US for North Africa/Sicily/Italy, and finally those German FJ I mentioned, for Africa/Sicily/Italy.



    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    And there was me thinking you were sat with your feet up, pipe and slippers!

    Great stuff there Jack, but finish the enemy!

    We need to read about the campaign! You don’t need sleep – it’s over rated. Keep painting.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Those camo must have taken a long time. And you say I’m crazy.

    The greener ones with MG and AT gun looks kind of late war German. Are you going to do that for the Germans too?
    Nice subtle base marking.

    Avatar photoJim Jackaman

    Excellent! I love your projects Jack…you never know when a new one pops up! A great choice of project too…can’t wait for some reports!

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Hey Guy, no slippers, just comb over the hair from the bottoms of my feet 😉  And I’m trying to finish the Japanese, just been tough to knuckle down and knock them out.  I’m in that phase of life where I’m too old to not sleep, but not old enough that I can’t sleep 😉

    Thomaston – Yes, the camo took forever, and you’re at least as crazy as I am!  You think the ‘green-side out’ camo looks like German camo, eh?  Interesting; I think that’s why the U.S. Army’s 2nd Armored Division grunts stopped wearing their camo, actually.  Regarding how I did the Germans, you’ll just have to wait a few days and I’ll show ya 😉

    Jim – Thank you Sir, I’m hurrying!


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