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    Avatar photoSpurious

    Managed to sneak a game in and both play it to a conclusion and remember to take pictures throughout, so it’s AAR time. Heavy on the pictures, light on the writing because my brain feels like a jelly in this humidity.

    The system was No End In Sight, the forces being modern Russians and Chechens, with the miniatures being from Empress.

    The Chechens were on the offensive, entering at the board edge and taking the first action. We also used the High Activity optional rule for the turn sequence, which makes the action points roll not suffer the minuses for stress and you always get the points rolled. Exhaustion by rolling equal or lower to the stress amount worked as normal though.

    The Russians deployed to the center with 3 units of 6, 5 and 4 troops respectively. They were rated as Trained, nothing fancy added on top of that.

    The Chechens had 4 teams of I think 8, 7, 6 and 3 strong, rated as Irregular and having the usual fun with low ammo and desertion. Nothing too fancy there outside of the larger than usual team size. They decided to focus on one board area for deployment though the full deployment area was shaped like a [ and covered an entire half.

    The Chechens went first and started their advance towards the center. The 4-man Russian team moved up and started throwing down some shots, which caused their opponents to start getting pushed back. The other ground-level team started working it’s way around the edge of the park, hoping to get some better fire arcs.

    The lines of sight were pretty tight all over. One Chechen unit failed so many pressure checks that it really should have gone right off the board, but instead we had it move up towards where their other units started since it was the first turn. Unsurprisingly it’s the one with all the pin markers on it in the picture below.

    Over on the roof the Russian team there was busy engaging with a group who had decided to move around rather than through a shop (though we had ruled that al buildings are full of furniture even if you can’t see it). The firefight there ran on for a while, couple of casualties on the Chechen side, nothing but being pinned for the Russians.

    The battle really picked up though when the Chechen team lead by the bald man with a map managed to move into close assault with the team in the park, inflicting multiple casualties but taking several of their own from the resulting crossfire they walked into.  The second ground level unit had managed to spread itself out enough that the commander was in a precarious situation over by the blue shipping crate. And by precarious I mean he ate half a squad’s worth of shooting, including 2 PKMs that both managed to run themselves out of ammo in doing so (used the alternate rule of that happening simply pins the offending figure rather than resupply). Which left the two in the building out of yelling range.

    The lid was representing a smoke grenade that the pair in the building had used to cover their advance.

    Over on the other side the Chechens had managed to push in force into the green building, the D4 with  Green dice nearby indicating their smoke screen. Really must get some templates sorted for that…

    With their squad commander taken down by reaction fire, the Chechen group in the park started getting pushed back into the green building.

    The team in the green building started their push out of there and into close assaulting the Russians on the right, taking down the ones they could reach easily but taking some casualties and being forced back by grenades and shooting from above.

    The remaining, un-battered unit of Chechen moved up from the green building into assault range to finish the job and end the game, taking down the remaining defenders swiftly with no casualties in return.

    The final bodycount was heavily in favour of the Chechens, who had used close assaults to push hard and fast through the Russian infantry.

    I really thing though that the last assault was dodgy as hell though because as written there is no advantage to holding ground, elevation, cover when your enemy has none and the like for the defenders so that the unit on the balcony area was swiftly destroyed by a group just walking out into the open space below them, not having had to cross open ground due to the close terrain. Am going to have to modify the rules so that if the defender has cover and the attacker does not they get to fire first because otherwise, well, that happens and it feels all kinds of wrong and was a sour note to end the game on.

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Yeah, letting the defenders in a better position get the first round off would make sense in that situation.

    Hope the game went well other than that little bug 🙂

    Avatar photoMike

    That is a pretty fine looking table!

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Agreed, the table looks good and offers plenty of tactical nuances. Very interesting.

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Love that table !!

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Great stuff, thanks for posting.  I love seeing someone getting NEIS on the table; while Company Command is my favorite set of rules, I think NEIS are probably Ivan’s best set of rules.  I don’t hardly play them because I want quick, simple fights (that’s why Company Command is my favorite), but these are really a great set of rules, and I love the Chechen-Russian antagonists.  I’ve always thought there were lots of really good gaming opportunities in that conflict.


    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Great write-up, thanks for sharing!

    Avatar photoEarther

    Brilliant set up and an entertaining batrep. Thanks for posting this! 

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Im guessing from hte seams that this is a modular table?

    How many pieces make up the board and how big are they? If you don’t mind sharing 🙂

    Avatar photoSpurious

    Yeah, the table is modular. Just 4 boards of about 2′ squares of mdf I got cut at the store with their nice big cutting machine instead of having to try and do it myself and have it all wonky. The pavements and the bases for the buildings are cork floor tiles cut to 15/30cm lengths to make sure they fit with a little wiggle room as all the stuff stuck to the board is done in imperial rather than metric measurements.

    I still have trouble seeing the board as good though, I mean it’s ok, but you don’t spend a few hundred hours working on things like that and not have every single flaw, unfinished bit, failed design goal and lazy construction shortcut burned into your brain 

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    yeah, the knowledge of an imperfection will continue to burn you 🙂

    Rest assured though, it looks quite fantastic.
    Crossing those big streets without smoke would give me serious heartburn though 🙂

    Avatar photoshelldrake

    Thank for posting – there should be more NEIS AARs posted (including from me). Great looking playing area too.

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