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    Avatar photoNoel

    I’ve been in a lull when it comes to painting and playing with miniatures.  One of my regular miniatures groups stopped meeting some time ago, the other still meets but I haven’t been able to find time to go in a while.

    My family expanded and that just takes all of my free time, even when I manage to grab some time to sit and paint I barely get going before I have to stop.

    It got me thinking about all the projects I spent loving hours upon hours researching, finding models, building and painting, buying books and rules and themed accessories… and then eventually giving away or selling.  It seems to happen to a lot of us.

    Lack of players, losing interest, other things grab attention, companies go out of business or stop producing a line…

    It is common, isn’t it?

    Avatar photoMike


    It is this way for me also.

    Avatar photoPrivate Snafu

    If I could just get to ‘abandon’.


    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Abandoned wargaming projects?


    Where shall I start..?

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    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I wouldn’t say I have abandoned projects, just those that I have not been able to complete or get back to.  That includes painting the minis for the Paranoia campaign we played back in 1992!  Someday, they will all be done, and I can plaaaaaay!


    But seriously, it does happen to us all.  I have several projects that got started due to some of my friends wanting to play but then they stalled because THEY lost interest of lost free time, so I didn’t finish either.  And then there’s the “oh, shiny!” syndrome…

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    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    It got me thinking about all the projects I spent loving hours upon hours researching, finding models, building and painting, buying books and rules and themed accessories… and then eventually giving away or selling. It seems to happen to a lot of us.

    It still surprises me that people give away or sell projects that have completed miniatures and terrain.  Unless money or space are critical issues (this does not normally seem to be the case, although obviously if you have to, you have to), why not just keep them for the day when circumstances change?

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    I don’t have too many abandoned projects, they’re still there somewhere but might as well be abandoned. I do have a lot of stuff on the back burner though, so many it’ easier to count finished projects.

    Avatar photoMartinR

    I very rarely sell or give away anything, and usually regret those I do. You’ll come back to your projects one day.

    I’m really glad I kept a load of stuff through my 12 year break from minis gaming.

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    Avatar photoEtranger

    Never abandoned, just ‘deferred’….

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Some abandoned as the rules failed to live up to our expectations. Many just parked until such time as I have energy, mojo and time to re-start them. A common problem amongst gamers me-thinks.

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    I agree with Martin and Etanger- no projects are really abandoned, just deferred.  I have recently gone back to a couple of projects that I put “on hold” over 30 years ago.  “On hold” here could be taken to mean gaming hoarder, forethought, forget I had it or laziness but I refuse to divulge which it may have been!

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    I’ve discovered that I enjoy researching/ building/ painting/models just as much as I like playing the actual games.  I’ve sold and given away quite a few things in the past.  I try to remember that the finished model is only a part of my experience, and that the enjoyment came from making the model rather than the actual item itself.  This has made parting with items much easier.  Storage is also limited, and if I haven’t  used the terrain for a while, I find a way to let someone else enjoy it.

    that being said I have a ton of Cthulhu miniatures I need to sell.  Anyone interested? 😝

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Not common at all. Just you!

    In truth I bought quite a lot of 25mm French Napoleonic figures between the ages of 16 and 21, but with moving around with work and general ‘life’ I never really used them much after University. They eventually came out of store when I was c47, I looked at them, they spent another few years in the attic, and then I realised I was never going to have the space, time or inclination to play Napoleonic games at the level (big battles) I wanted with 25mm figs.  I had them based and organised for Charles Grant style gaming – so c 52 infantry per battalion and 28 Cavalry. I wasn’t going to rebase them and the thought of painting hundreds of figures to complete the army and their opponents filled me with dread – so they were sold and replaced with 6mm figs. And I’ve never been happier.  I only wished I’d bitten the bullet earlier.

    On the other hand I have several hundred Italian Wars 25 and 28mm figures in armies dating from just after the Napoleonic phase, which I have repainted, rebased and still use after a similar hiatus and continue to add to. So no hard and fast rule, but whatever seems appropriate to your circumstances and desires.


    Avatar photoThuseld

    I don’t abandon projects, they are just waiting for my bigger house, less stressful job, children to be older.

    My 20mm WW2 origins are completely on pause and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Space is the main issue there. I quite simply do not have the storage space to increase my amount of miniatures and to table a reasonable sized game larger than one or two squads. As such I stopped trying to build terrain for this era about 3 years ago.

    I have 2 Reaper Miniatures kickstarters worth of unpainted miniatures (I have painted about 8 out of a couple of hundred) that are staying in the box, again until I have space to be able to have some 28mm terrain. I don’t need much, but I still feel that the space constraints stop me. This also includes their 28mm NOT X Com miniatures. No space for a 28mm Sci Fi terrain collection.

    My 6mm WW2 is on pause while I lost my mojo, but that will likely perk back up over summer.

    6mm Sci Fi just had a massive burst, and will slow down for a while over summer.

    Nothing abandoned.

    Avatar photoMcKinstry

    I walk away from certain figure scales/sizes and mounting that have been either completed and/or in mid-process for a specific rules set or just period that I’ve simply decided isn’t working for me.  I sold off a complete set of 15mm FOW US and German Armies and the associated materials as for WW2 it simply wasn’t enjoyable and went with 3mm for Rommel and have been quite content.

    I’m reluctant to keep projects or armies around that don’t have me actively engaged but if I like the rules and figures but simply haven’t had the opportunity to play often (such as my 1/2400 ancients fleets), I’ll keep them around ad infinitum.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.

    Avatar photoPatrice

    I don’t have any abandoned projects.

    I have lots of projects. Since many years.

    Some of them actually happen on the gaming table.

    Some others… see slow progress on the painting table.

    Some others… are not abandoned. They just get in the way of each other, sometimes, when some unpainted old miniatures crawl their way up to the painting table, wishing I’ll notice them after all…


    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    I have only ever abandoned two projects.  The first was a 25mm French Napoleonic army built up in the 1970s and the second a foray into 15mm Colonials.  The first was sold off a few years ago to a contact on another forum who wanted those specific figures and the second was sold under similar circumstances.  These two were built up to play with two particular opponents and saw significant use for several years until the first opponent changed jobs and moved up north and the second was posted too far south.  So they became redundant and departed to good homes where they will be used.

    My other projects have all suffered (long) delays, suspensions and resurgences, but none have been abandoned though some have been repurposed.  Now I find that our grandchildren have interests that, fortunately, coincide with many of the figures in the projects and also many in the lead/plastic mountain.  Some projects as much a collection (e.g. 20mm WW2) as wargame forces and others are just for wargames with the grandchildren (zombies).  Every so often I think of selling off a project only for it to come to the fore again as an interest.


    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    I wouldn’t say I have any projects that are definitely abandoned, but there is more than a few on hold or awaiting inspiration to strike again 😉

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