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    ​ A good 25 minute session from a 2 hours joyride on the flugpark server yesterday with a buddy. My buddy saved my bacon several times, and helped me find the aerodrome after I got wounded and couldn’t see well. Did a tactical rearm and refuel(we thought the plane got fixed automatically, but apparently not. Then we set off again, and did mischief. The highlight was when we in a couple of minutes took down 4 Germans together with another random Camel. I got 2 of them. By the time I went west. I had 5 kills(I think all AI) but even fighting AI is more fun with a buddy.


    A bit of a different format this time, since my buddy and I were speaking Norwegian all the time, I had to use the replay and do after action commentary instead of live one.
    I haven’t found a way for OBS to not record voice communication, I can stop it from recording my mic if I want to, but not other mics.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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