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    I still have a carry case full with expansions etc somewhere in storage. It was a fairly decent game but the scaling was never consistent on the models.

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    We played it once. It was fun, but we could never figure out what one figure was supposed to represent and the models were sadly all over the place in scale, especially in the beginning.

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    The second edition A&A models are mostly 1/100 or 15mm  I use a lot of them for FOW.

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    Yeah the later editions were closer to 15mm or Battlefront FoW size. Did you mean are the rules available? I played it with my nephews several years ago and as I remember the rules were just small booklets with the stats of units on their respected cards. I know there was a few ebay stores from China selling units very cheap some years back…

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    I was just googling around being plagued by self-doubt as to how I treat light mortars other than the US 60mm and found a link from the Axis & Allies game by Wizards of the Coast:


    What a truly terrifying link. In one brief page, blowback operation wrongly attributed to the MG 42, the PaK 36 hopelessly muddled with the PaK 38, PzGr 39 and PzGr 40 credited with the same muzzle velocity, and the 5cm leGrW 36 grown to colossal size like a mutant monster marrow.

    And that’s for the Germans. I shudder to think what tosh they might invent for the British or Russians.

    Don’t schoolboys study this stuff any more?

    All the best,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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