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    Mark Morin

    More Aztec structures – and some bonus stuff – enjoy!

    Aztec Temple Corner Walls (Plus Some Life & Other Distractions Stuff Added In)

    Tony S

    Thanks for sharing Mark.  Although I’m dreadful at terrain, I must admit I’m quite curious to try your “secret” dust.   Your efforts look great!   And are certainly a strong temptation to get into Mesoamerican warfare – the terrain is so iconic.   Perhaps I’ll succumb when Wargames Atlantic come out with their plastics?

    And congratulations on your mention in the newspaper article. The world could use more people like you.

    Guy Farrish

    Yes, well done on all counts.

    I’ve painted Aztecs before and love the look of the them.

    I’m trying hard not to be tempted again by your stuff, but you aren’t making it easy!

    Thanks for posting.

    Mark Morin

    Thanks Tony – I wanted a look on the MDF that was more appropriate – and I just got surprised that 4Ground featured my efforts on their Facebook page, so that was nice indeed.  I’ve noticed that Warlord is going to get into the mix with Aztecs, but they are a bit ahistorical for my tastes, such as fighting alongside undead, as well as having Eagle Warriors armed with slings and Jaguar Warriors with bows (they would not be so armed being melee troops in search of more captives).  There are three lines that I’d recommend on figures – Wargames Foundry, Outpost Wargame Services, and Eureka (I have all 3 and some Tin Soldier UK and old Ral Partha).  Gringos has some cool figs, and I will be getting some of theirs.

    Appreciate the feedback, thanks so much for it!

    Mark Morin

    Very nice of you to give me such feedback Guy, thanks.  My blog’s goal is to tempt and to share/inform, so sounds like a win!


    Very tempting, thanks for posting.

    I don’t plan to involve in Mesoamerican warfare, but a few Aztec ruins for exploration will certainly appear in remote corners of the gaming table in my 1910s Mexican revolution project.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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