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    How do you base yours?  Do you base them generically so that all nations are the same (like WRG for example, all rifleman in fours, all  support weapons with a crew of two or three), or do you try and reflect different section/platoon set-ups?



    So far I’ve only based up my infantry for Schwere Kompanie.  The number of figs represented the stand so for example 3 = line inf, 4 = assault, 2 = cmd, MMG/HMG singles.

    Northern Monkey

    I play BKC2 and I have based all mine on 40mmx20mm bases with 7 men per base, inc a gun team(Bren, MG42 etc), as much as possible I have also tried to include a leader type usually represented by a figure with an SMG, my elite units 9SS, Fallshcirmjaeger, Paras) have 6 men per base to differentiate them slightly, support units tend to have however many crew the pack came with, but with the occasional addition of a spotter type.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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