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    Thanks to the Internet Archive I was able to salvage most of my old Bloody Big Balkan Battles presentation post from the Old Site.

    So here it is up again for your interest.


    With Repsect

    Avatar photoAndrew Rolph

    Hmmm…you ‘re-piqued my interest in the rules and the Balkan wars. I think I’ll have to move into the project costings stage. Theoretically I can still abort. In practice, starting this stage is usually the point of no return, leading inexorably to several hundred figures and another big painting project.😊

    Anyway, perhaps you would be kind enough to help me scope out the size of the thing. Broadly I understand BBB to operate with flexible scales, but usually sthg like 1 base=1 brigade/1500 men and 1 artillery base= 36 guns. This would make a division in the BW around 4 infantry and 1 or 2 artillery stands. As I recall the entire Bulgarian army was around ten divisions, the Serbian similar and the Greek about four. I presume then, you changed the scaling in your scenarios? Would you give me a brief rundown of the bases per infantry regiment/brigade, cavalry division, artillery regiment, which you adopt in the book and the range of sizes of the scenarios (e.g. from one division per side in scenario X to five divisions each in scenario Y).

    Do any of the scenarios involve the late arriving Romanians? And, finally, are there, routinely, any special HQ or leader stands necessary (i.e every division has twelve rifle stands, three artillery stands and an HQ stand).

    Just trying to get an idea of how many divisions I’ll need to represent for each army and how many stands are likely to make up each division, so I can calculate an Irregular or Baccus order.

    Thx for your help



    Andrew I will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Andrew here is a table that breaks down the base requirements for each scenario. Forces and organization are scenario specific (variable number of bases per unit for infantry and cavalry. one base per artillery unit). HQ bases are only needed if a General is assigned to a side (in BBB only exceptional commanders are assigned thus). Of course it would be a good idea to have a hq base among the units to use as the center of the unit (useful for a lot of things in the rules).

    First Balkan War

    BBB Frist Balkan War Base Needs

    Second Balkan War

    BBBB 2nd Balkan War Bases per Scenario


    Keep in mind these were changed in the final version to some extent. But it will give you a ballpark.

    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    Andrew, glad you’re interested in Konstantinos’s splendid book. There is a more detailed spreadsheet in the BBB group files that tells you exactly how many bases of every type you need. Direct link here. Photos of my Greek and Serbian armies for it on parade here. (I particularly like the Evzones and the Montenegrins!)


    Avatar photoAndrew Rolph

    Konstantinos and Chris – Thx very much to both of you. The numbers there would appear to suggest a ratio along the lines of 1 base to an infantry or artillery battalion or to a cavalry regt? Anyway I can take closer look and put together a plan.

    Regarding figures, I’m interested in the substitutions you’re making, Chris. I presume the Greeks are largely Irregular’s WW1 BEF and the Evzones are French – maybe the Chasseurs Alpins? But I’m intrigued by the Montinegrins. What figures are they?

    I believe Russians will do for Bulgarians and then, perhaps, 1914 Austro-Hungarians for Romanians, if the completist in me takes over.

    Anyway, thanks again to both. I’ll take further queries/advice requests to the io group.



    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    Happy to help. Chasseurs Alpins sounds right. Pretty sure the Montenegrins are ACW Zouaves. Good luck with your project!



    The scale is scenario dependent.  I would just buy units for the biggest scenarios (bold)

    For me in 10mm for Greeks I would use 1866 Saxons or Bavarians or RJW war Japanese. Evzones were modded from 18t9 Grezner.

    1877 Russians in Furshaka are perfect for Bulgarians.

    Serbs are ww1 Serbs.


    Imo WW1 Brtis have too wide a cap.

    But Irregular does have a dedicated 15mm range. Might work for Dioran and Prelip.

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