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    It is time for what has become your nightly read ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Following the Brits’ successful escape from the German encirclement, they immediately go on the counterattack, looking to catch the Germans dispersed and off balance. Lt Page organizes his men, gathers up what armor is available, and launches his men at the enemy forces.

    The Brits, with 7 rifle squads, a CO stand, an MG, and a Sherman tank (75mm).

    The German force, with five rifle squads, a CO stand, and a mortar. The Germans do not have an anti-tank weapon: only the PaK-38 is available as its 1943, so no Panzerfausts, and I don’t have any Panzerschrecks for my Afrika Korps troops (though I suppose I could have borrowed one from my late-war Germans, now that I think about it). The Germans only hope to defeat the British Sherman is to close assault it with infantry. The Germans went with a more mobile force, opting to defeat the British (win the game) by destroying the Brit hold outs before the Brit relief force can get there, then fall back, conserving their force. It wouldn’t quite work out that way though…

    Starting positions: in the top left (NW) corner are the Brit hold-outs and the German force, while the Brit relief force enters from the bottom right.

    With Germans at top, and Brits at left and right, a lone German rifle squad (bottom center) rushes forward, looking to close the distance to the Brit Sherman.

    And it’s time to go for the tank, so LCpl Droll leads the German 4th Squad in a charge to close with the Sherman, but the coax chatters and the German squad receives a knockdown! Sgt Nelson then orders his driver to pivot and advance, and the Sherman rolls over the suppressed German squad, then backs up, and runs over them again. Then backs up, and runs over them one more time.

    For the rest of the report, but please check the blog:

    One more fight to write up and post.


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    Thanks Just Jack.

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