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    Avatar photoOldBen1

    I traded some more tiles from Spacejacker for another 12 by 12 inch portable desktop board.  He made the majority of the tiles while I filled in and painted some of the missing components.

    All the tiles are made from cardboard and bits of plastic.

    Tiles are completely modular, like the cyberpunk ones.

    Clipboard10 by oldben1[/url], on Flickr

    Clipboard03 by oldben1[/url], on Flickr

    Clipboard02 by oldben1[/url], on Flickr

    pripyat1 by oldben1[/url], on Flickr




    Avatar photoTony S

    Very impressive!  I’d be wearing a Hazmat suit in that neighbourhood for sure!

    Those Rebel miniatures?  They look just as good as your terrain.

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    Soldiers are khurasan and the others are alternative armies!

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Very cool.
    Those cardboards don’t warp?

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Very cool!  Even better that they’re modular.  You could have some great gang territory style fights there as well, maybe Killteam in 15mm or some such.  The perfect environment for your anomalies and insane Stalkers to inhabit!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    the bottoms are mdf.

    Avatar photoCacique Caribe

    Wow, stunning results!  I love it.  Well done!

    Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9593487@N07/albums/with/72157710630529376

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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