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    So I was curious about the new sounds in the Dora.

    I probably have less than 40 minutes total in the Dora, I don’t fly the German stuff a lot, and the Dora I fly least of all.

    But I wanted to try the new sounds and also the improved performance from the last update.

    So a simple dogfight. Me in the Dora vs Ace AI P47,( the P47 AI being just terrible in general in air to air combat. )

    The first round ended before the 3 minute mark as we ended up nose to nose with some old fashioned jousting. His 8 .50 calls missed, while my 20 and 13mm hit. And he caught fire.

    Second round though, a long 11 minute dogfight, I got in a lucky hit while we were still high up and seemed to have put the AI on the defensive. Like all WW2 DCS dogfights with the AI we ended up low and in a turn fight, exactly what the P47 and Dora isn’t made for.

    After that first hit the P47 just couldn’t get a good angle on me, he was close once or twice. And I did lose track of him a few times but the AI never took advantage of it. After several “1 circle” rounds my guns finally connected to the P47 and it was set ablaze.

    Had I been fighting the Spit or P51 AI, I would have been dead long ago, but the Jug is the allied version of the Anton, just terrible AI. (even for DCS)

    Noticeably better performance, very smooth down low over Caen.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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