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    I had decided on pursuing a new approach for HoF sometime last year, and while my time to work on it was hard to find, I finally have something together I want to share with everyone. It’s up now on WargameVault as Pay What You Want, so go download it for free and take a look.


    For anyone who’s had a chance to play HoF before, this is quiet a bit different, and so far has been much more fun and interesting to play for me. (Previous versions will always be available on my website)

    It’s still only a few pages long, though much more readable. It uses a delayed combat results system, where neither side knows the result of fire until the target tries to act, and it has a very simple and fast interactive turn sequence.

    It can be played with traditional “blinds” but features a quick and easy hidden deployment system that doesn’t require tokens or book keeping and keeps things exciting (it’s a game, not a simulator), and a “Battlegroup” style chit system for force moral (I have a free digital chit bag for anyone to use on my website).

    Anyway, I’m very interested in feedback now that I have something I’m excited to share.

    Thanks! 😀



    Richmond, VA. Let's play!

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