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    Avatar photoMike

    Unable to upload an avatar – work around fix will be in place tonight.

    Unable to edit posts – investigation ongoing.

    Trader Membership – some people seem to be having difficulty upgrading their basic account to a Trader one, others have managed it fine. Additional feedback requited from those that have had issues please.

    Flu – drink water and rest up.

    Avatar photoMike

    Temporary avatar fix, use the menu on the homepage on the left to submit an avatar.

    For now we will manually upload it for you.

    Avatar photoMike


    The guy that built the website has been trying to fix the bugs but so far has been unable.
    We will continue to attempt to get the forum fixed as the main priority and worry less about the avatars, which is a minor issue by comparison.


    By the forum issues we mean:

    The edit button not working.
    The little black forum menu at the top (tool bar) where the ‘views’ function does not work.

    Avatar photoMike


    We have removed the little black toolbar at the top of the page for now.
    It had 2 functions:

    1 was as a way to navigate around the forum, but that is pretty straightforward and as a feature it did not really add much.

    2 was to allow views of the most popular threads and the least popular, this is not essential but the most popular threads is a nice touch.
    We think we can offer this another way, so we will try that soon.

    Now, the Edit function which is very handy, especially for me, as you know, the editor…
    We think the theme of the site is causing conflict between the site software and the forum software, so we will change the theme hopefully on Friday.

    Assuming this works, then all the functionality will be present and the site will be a different colour.


    So, in summary, by Saturday all being well, TWW will be a different colour but all the gubbins should be working!
    Full steam ahead, tally ho and all that!


    Avatar photoMike

    Edit function should now be working.

    Profiles should now be working.

    Uploading your own avatar should now be working – I am working my way through those that sent me avatars via the site, if I have not done yours yet, please feel free to do so.

    Search function in the forum should now be working

    Search function on the homepage (news) should now be working

    There should also be a black toolbar across the top, on the right should be your profile access, on the left should be a drop down, FORUMS and VIEWS, these should now be working.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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