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    Avatar photoWar Monkey

    I started a new project that I have always wanted to do and that is the world of cryptozoology. I have always liked shows or movies’ that have had some sort of creature in them. I have thought how great it would be to play out such shows like Supernatural, Grimm, Sanctuary, and many others.  I have found a set of rule that I have so far found to be interesting “Monster of the Week”. There are to books the main rule book and a rules expansions book. I have also found that there are a few scenario modules at “Drivethru RPG”.  In the rules it has some interesting creatures and characters classes to use. It is an RPG game however fights are fights and mysteries are always great. There is a set of instructions for creating your own creatures.  So as I had mentioned that this a new project here are a few of my attempts at some of my creatures so far. All are my attempts in 15mm range and the figure in the images is from GZG

    Big Foot

    big foot

    Skunk Ape

    skunk ape

    Ape Man

    ape man

    Goat Man (There are reports of a additional Goat Man the wield an Axe!)

    goat man



    Pukwudgie (A trickster that lead one to their death, There is more to this Native American Folklore I just don’t want to give away to much.)


    (I can’t wait to get these guys painted)

    The first five are to be larger then the average man. the Pukwudgie however is much smaller than the average man at about 4 feet. Of course there are the standard creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies and many others of the Classic range. All of these I will be adding to the game as it moves forward and of course there will be the Good and Evil Organization and secret Societies. Along with Villains with their Minions and other Bad Guys with their Cults.

    I will have to work out some minimal solo rules. I live in a very small farming town So I am the pretty much the only tabletop gamer in town and going anywhere were one can meet up to play is more then 2 hours away, It’s just not worth it spending almost 5 hours just driving. so solo rules it is.

    Thanks for looking


    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber

    Cool project and I envy your greenstuff skills.

    There’s a wonderful Lore episode dealing with the Pukwudgee—it intrigued me enough that I’ve included discussion of Pukwudgee in my world civ  and first-half of US history courses, talking about indigenous religions.

    If you haven’t given it a read/listen, the recent bigfoot novel Devolution is  a hoot.

    Avatar photoCacique Caribe

    Wow, nice!!!  I have a half-finished Sasquatch somewhere, that perhaps I should get back to.  I was aiming to use it for 15mm as well, which means a total height of 25-28, or slightly taller.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    Doug, what do your armatures look like?  Make your own from wire?

    Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9593487@N07/albums/with/72157710630529376

    Avatar photoWar Monkey

    “Doug, what do your armatures look like?  Make your own from wire?”

    Dan I make them from 24 gage wire. I don’t have any armatures made at the moment. However I will post some soon for I want to get started on another set of Crypto Creatures.


    Avatar photoCacique Caribe

    Your stuff just keeps getting better and better.

    Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9593487@N07/albums/with/72157710630529376

    Avatar photoWar Monkey

    Thanks Dan

    Someone mentioned to try using Procreate. That it will work better for what I am doing in this scale. So I have just received a pack of it in the mail yesterday and will be giving it a try for my next group of creatures. About 8 this next go around. I also have about 6 more lined up for South America and Central America too for my third go around. I am currently gathering information and making a list for some from Indonesia. After all we are a mixed culture here in the States. I am also working on a random list of “100 things you find”  to help drive my solo game,  I have just finished one for “Vacation Cabin” I just have to refine it a bit. I have a list of other places for me to work on. However things are moving forward.

    Avatar photoCacique Caribe

    That’s fantastic!  Can’t wait to see those.

    Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9593487@N07/albums/with/72157710630529376

    Avatar photoWar Monkey

    Here is how I make my armatures.

    I’m using 24 gage wire.

    My first step is to make a loop  this will be the arms of the Armature and then twist it upon it self. I have to guess as to how much I will be needed to make the arms.

    Next I cut a short piece of wire and  and it will be placed into the loop of  wire. As you see here on the Left.

    Using a pear of flat nose pliers I hold on to the neck of the loop and the little short wire together

    I than twist all three together using my other hand. As you can see here on the Right.

    You can now adjust the short wire to give your armature as to about where you want the top of the head to be. and snip off the extra wire at the bottom. I know guys that part  of this even makes me cringe almost every time.

    The figure for comparison is from GZG
    I then give the twisted section a bit of Super Glue so that the short wire now cannot fall out or move. here you can see I have the armature ready to go mounted on a rubber stopper with a film of Scotch Tape as to prevent putties from sticking to the stopper.

    It took me only a few minute to make these and to take pictures as well.

    Well that’s how I make them for now until I find and easier way. This armatures are going to be used for my next group of creatures.

    Avatar photoCacique Caribe


    You’ll enjoy this …

    On July 11, 1771 Daniel Boone claimed to have shot a giant 10-foot man-like creature:

    “He killed it in the Great Smokey Mountains and took three shots by a musket for it to fall down. Daniel Boone referring to bigfoots as “yahoos” probably comes from the Cherokee “Yeahoh”.”

    More on this incident:

    Yeahoh, Yahoo or Bigfoot?


    Too cool! Now I feel like gaming a pioneers vs bigfoots scenario. They better not miss though. 🙂


    Here’s another game setting to insert Bigfoot figures into:



    PS.  Look up “woodwose” for more examples.  They are almost always shown carrying clubs, which they would use to communicate in the forest.

    Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9593487@N07/albums/with/72157710630529376

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