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    One of the games run last month at the DWG saw a few of the chaps getting reacquainted and introduced to Dave Brown’s O-Group set of rules from Reisswitz Press and the Too Fat Lardies.

    The chaps decided to go heavy on the infantry in the Western Desert for this familiarisation with a few light tanks and minefields throw in to spice things up.

    If you would like to see how things went then just follow the link to the club blog.




    Avatar photoNorm S

    That is a really nice sized game and good to see a desert game giving a central role to infantry.

    Avatar photoTony S

    Those rules have been on the backburner for a bit for me, hampered by a) repeated Covid lockdowns and b) my propensity for Shiny New Things.

    We’ve been worried that although they do look really interesting, that perhaps they would take too long to play, as we’ve only got about three hours to play on our regular club Sunday morning meetings.  How long did that game take?

    I must say that the lovely batrep and great looking figures (love those early war tanks) have inspired me to pull out the rules for a little reread.  Thanks!

    Avatar photoSteve M

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the kind words, it was my game and I must say we really enjoy the rules!

    Mmmm, wasn’t really keeping an eye on the time, but I would say roughly 4 – 4.5 hrs, although we could have called it earlier

    I would say there are options to make it quicker; starting closer is an obvious one, less attachments and no artillery would make it play quicker, but possibly lose some of the ‘chrome’. Making it  a ‘meeting’ engagement’  does reduce some of the initial dice roll calculations (p19 of the rules on my copy – I know there’s been a reprint so that the page numbers are on the outside edge now!)

    And then there’s always limiting the number of turns as per the secenario in the rulebook

    I hope you at least get to try a test game, I think you’ll find its worth it!

    Cheers, Steve

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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