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    Avatar photoAli Dogan Sayiner


    My desert planet dwellings for 28mm gaming. Laser cut MDF covered with beton effect finish. Paste sticks on MDF very well and dries in an hour. ı have used foam shpheres for domes. Cut them half with my hot wire cutter. Quite pleased with the look of them. I plan to add couple of more models then I will go for Pre-order.



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    Avatar photoMike

    I like them, the basic shapes would also work well for Ghosts Of Mars type sci-fi.
    Mucho useful.

    Avatar photoThorsten Frank

    Uh, those ARE the dwellings I was looking for!

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    Avatar photoian pillay

    Very nice! I will be getting some of these for the little lad. He’s starwars mad and has asked for Starwars legion for Christmas. It’s a request I can’t deny him 😬


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    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    I especially like the entry keypad on the door.

    All the best,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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