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    They’re probably AFV helmets, which were virtually identical to the para ones anyway, except for the more complicated straps on the parachute one. The para ones usually ( but not always) had the scrim cover too. Dispatch riders (Don R’s) had similar helmets.  http://www.militarytrader.com/military-trader-news/british_wwii_helmets_airborne_dispatch_rider_and_tank_crews

    Was the 22nd Royal infantry or serving as a recce battalion?

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    These are the AFV crew helmets. The Van Doos were serving as an infantry battalion in First Canadian Infantry Division in Italy.  The Universal Carrier in the background suggests that this is the Carrier Platoon, part of HQ company.  The men are not wearing small packs, which also suggests the Carrier Platoon.

    The dispatch rider helmet (motorcycle helmet) has a leather cover for the ears that is quite distinct. These all have the spring loaded chin strap.

    The 44 pattern helmet (turtle helmet)  was issued to 3 rd Division in Normandy as they were an assault division, landing on Juno Beach. I have never seen a turtle helmet in a photo in Italy.

    Normally there is no cam net on AFV helmets to avoid the net catching on parts of the vehicle.



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