More releases!

We've created two more boxed set deals in addition to the Greenhorn Edition Boxed Set, still in production.

The first is called the Deluxe Starter Set; it includes the hardbound rulebook with figures, dice, character cards, and the Black Deck. These seemed to be the most useful items in getting started if you want the full rulebook (there is always the Greenhorn Boxed Set if you're only planning on using the abbreviated online rules). $75 USD.

The "Watering Hole" includes the buildings from the Greenhorn set plus the resin bar set, some bystanders, and scatter terrain. It's a good value for those with zero terrain, regardless of whether they play Gunfighter's Ball or another western game. $150 USD.

Of course, for new players without any figures or terrain, the Greenhorn Boxed Set remains the combo with the ability to get the most "stuff" into your hands quickly, and the online downloads fill in the "paper" part of the Gunfighter's Ball experience nicely until you feel like you need to get further into the rules. $125 USD

Some of the two new boxed sets have already gone out to our retailers, and will also be available on the web site.

More buildings are being designed at the moment, and you've seen the new figure renders. The rest of 2019 promises to be a busy one around here!