We've got two new figures sets ready for release in the next few weeks!
The first are Apache Indians on foot. These are late period Apaches (Geronimo era) with cloth garments and modern rifles.

Next up are the first in a series of barroom brawler packs we have planned. "Saloon Sluggers" features a variety of characters using bare fists, bottles, and broken table legs to sow chaos in your wild west saloon.

We've also recently re-released some terrain accessory sets to dress up your building interiors. Barbershop, blacksmith, cabin, and office interiors have been added back to the shopping cart after a brief absence during which we redesigned the production system for them to give you parts that are easy to prep and paint.

Later in the summer we'll be releasing a new card deck and more figures and terrain, so stay tuned. All of our latest info can be found on our website, on the Knuckleduster Facebook page or in the Gunfighter's Ball Facebook Group.