KR 16 is a quick to play, rules light sci-fi skirmish game.
It is scenario driven and is not designed for competition play or straight up ‘fight to the death’ games, as such I have never published a points system for it as I have never seen the need.


I am writing a campaign system for KR 16 and one of the features of the campaign setting is to be able to replace and buy troops.
This meant determining a value for them, hence I have ended up with a crude points system.

So rather than wait for the campaign supplement to be finished I have made available for your gaming pleasure, the notes I used to determine points values for everything.

It will enable you to stat models to be used with the KR 16 rules and assign a rough value to them.
I have also uploaded to the site a reference sheet that lists the points values for all the common weapons and vehicles, so that you don’t have to bother working them out yourself.

Check them out HERE

Oh yeah, all the PDFs are free!

Size Matters!