Great War ANZACs and, you guessed it, yet more TYW flags!
4th Oct 2017


The latest batch of Great War releases are now available in the form of the redoubtable ANZAC Corps.

The initial releases cover infantry, MGs

and artillery

In fact all you need to assemble some Infantry Division packs, so that's just what we've done.  As usual these are organised for the ever popular Great War Spearhead rules.  You can find all the details HERE.

The cavalry are very near completion and they will be arriving next month.   If all goes well you will also see some British troops for the Mesopotamia campaign at the same time.   Behind them will be the Indians which will bring us to the end of this batch of releases. Then we can rest...

..not a chance!  We will be shifting focus and the sculpting is already underway for the first of our Great War eastern front ranges.

Continuing with what has been a theme of the last few weeks, there are a couple more new flag sheets for the Thirty Years War.  This time, it's for the Spanish Tercios

Who get two sheets to themselves

These really do sharpen up the appearance of your finished units and at a cost of 6p per flag are incredibly cost-effective!

We'll have all the new releases at the Worlds this coming weekend, which as many have pointed out to me. is no longer resident at Castle Donnington, but has upped-sticks and relocated further south at:

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground



LE17 5QS

See you there!