Good day chaps, here we have a quick update on what we have uploaded onto our website over the last few days. Everything below is in the used, unpainted categories:
40mm – several sets of accessories from Eureka Miniatures. Including tables, chairs, benches , tableware, barrels & geese
28mm – lots more Stronghold Miniatures both fantasy and dark ages, beautiful sculpts from their Saga Collectables range; Warlord Games Numidian Light Cavalry; Eureka Miniatures Fantasy adventures, pond wars, Aztecs, Victoriana and some Apes in Space figures; Several TAG & Foundry Polish Renaissance figures
20mm – Newline Designs ancient Greeks, Carthaginians & Republican Romans

15mm _ Xyston Miniatures Spartan Cavalry & several Successor and Carthaginian command sets; Eureka Miniatures medieval Abyssinian, WSS Catalonian figures and a couple of Australian Sentinel tanks; Museum Miniatures ACW cavalry, artillery and infantry – is this range really out of production? We can’t find it on their website!

We will shortly be switching our attentions to the growing boxes of painted figures that are currently cluttering up our stock shelves awaiting us to process them onto the site. Don’t forget you can now pre order at our online prices for Attack, Devizes 15th/16th July; Claymore, Edinburgh 5th August; Border Reiver, Gateshead, 2nd September; Colours, Newbury, 9th September.
You can find the above items HERE