Magic number, new releases, the Joy of Six and Vapnartak.

Another Friday, another week gone and time for another Baccus Magic Number. This week, we have arrived at #23191. With the formalities out of the way, it’s time for another batch of new releases. This week we have two offerings, both second world war British.
The first is the venerable 7.2” howitzer and attendant Scammel Pioneer tow.

The second, keeps with the Scammel theme in the shape of a tank transporter and attendant recovery vehicle.
Staying on the subject of new releases, we are nearing the completion of the redesigned Great Northern War Polish range. I’ll be releasing a couple more ‘teaser’ photos ahead of the big release, but just to tide you over, here are some Hussars that we made earlier…
Many thanks to all of you who contacted us about this year’s Joy of Six show. We’ve already had a great response, and a visit to will be rewarded by the list of mouth-watering games already registered.
If you want to put on a game at the show, or indeed have a trade space, please do get in touch. You will find booking forms on the Joy of Six website.

Finally, we have posted the list of shows that we will be attending on 2023. Vapnartak is the first one in our sights, and I will repeat my usual words of advice. If you are going to the show and know what you want to pick up, please get an order in to us. You can do this via the website shopping car, or just email or ring us with your list. You can then ensure that you get all of your goodies.