OK, so we’re a couple of days late, but Happy New Year anyway …

We’re also back in the workshop and working through the backlog. We don’t usually get many orders between Christmas and New Year, so we can safely take the week off without worrying too much – but not this time. We’ve returned to a significant pile of orders, enough to keep us busy for a while. We’ll plough through them as fast as we can, but at the moment there’s likely to be a delay of a couple of weeks on any new orders.

As always, we have some grand plans for new releases this year – let’s see how many we actually manage to get out of the door ! There’s a significant new Hammer’s Slammers force in 15mm almost ready to go – we just need to paint and photograph the sample models (so we’re praying for a break in the weather in order to get that done). However, here’s a sample than John Treadaway (co-author of the Slammer’s rulebook) painted up for us.

We still need to finish the South American project for Imperial Skies – the Bolivians are due next (a few of their vessels can be seen below), after which we need to complete the final fleet, the Venezuelans. Then we’ll be able to move on to other subjects, probably visiting some of the less travelled parts of Europe along with revamping more of the existing models (Ottoman Turks and the Scandinavians are top of this list).

We’re hoping to get a brand new spaceship fleet out – they’re been stuck in development hell for quite some time, so we’re saying nothing more about that in case we jinx it…

The Small Scale Scenery range rolls on and on … this is one of our offerings for the near future, Castle Wewelsburg, which has a rather chequered history.

In 6mm we’ll be catching up with some of last year’s 15mm releases, especially Hammer’s Slammers ones (we must get those Han Chinese trucks out…). As always, we’ll continue to expand one of the largest ranges of 6mm sci-fi scenery going.

And, after a long, long gap, Germy has been at the sculpting desk creating some new 6mm Power Armour for us.

And lastly, we’re hoping to release something completely new at Salute – something historical, and a subject we don’t think anyone else has tackled in our chosen scale. But again, we’re not saying too much just in case…

Here’s hoping that the dice are kind and your brush points stay sharp for 2024 !