The War to end all wars didn't end war... but with Trench Hammer you'll be able to play a game to completion in one sitting!

Trench Hammer is what we call a "Mini Miniatures Game" : A game that is playable with only a few pages of rules and with a small collection of figures.

Using the game engine of Squad Hammer, these rules are aimed at beer&pretzels war gaming.

Starting with a platoon each, once you have played a few times, you could easily field a full company each.

Rules included cover:

Guidelines for simple war games campaigns.

Tank rules.

Details on organization for late-war German and British platoons.

3 scenarios as well as a random objective table.

Everything you need to play low-level infantry battles in under 40 pages. This includes options, advanced rules and just enough chrome to wet the appetite.

Playable both with individually based figures and figures organized in troop stands.

You can get into a new war gaming period without buying a ton of miniatures.

The rules are laid out to be screen and print friendly.

80's nostalgia look.

Compatible with the Squad Hammer generic war game rules