Welcome to Usurper, a fantasy role playing game of adventure and storytelling.

Usurper is a fantasy adventure game of quick, light hearted adventure. Using a simple table to resolve actions on, the game allows for various degrees of success, random events and unexpected outcomes without any complicated math.

Characters are described in plain English terms rather than lists of numbers and modifiers and can be created to taste in a matter of minutes with a notepad or through a random generation system if the player prefers to use that.

Usurper is meant to scale from street-level to epic campaigns deciding the fate of kingdoms.

Emphasis is on providing as many tools as possible to generate worlds, cities and adventure ideas, allowing pick-up games with as little preparation work as possible.

The rules cover the following aspects:

*Resolving actions with no math.

*Two character creation systems, one driven by the player and a random system.

*Narrative combat system.

*A game system that will result in your characters changing unpredictably as they adventure. The person that comes back to their home town is never going to be the same person that left.

*Tables covering ill fortunes such as physical injuries, gruesome deaths, mental trauma and sanity loss.

*Follower and henchmen rules, including loyalty, morale, recruitment.

*NPC's and monsters will fit on an index card.

*Random NPC generator, including motivations and relationships.

*World builder with random generators for world history, city factions, quests, terrain and dungeon themes.

*Travel and random encounter tables.

*Tables to conduct a living, unpredictable campaign with random events and outcomes.

*Adventure system that adjudicates the progress of the heroes when fighting to bring down an enemy, overthrow a system or change the world.

*Random monster and magic item tables.

*Narrative magic system.

*Random deities with an active interest in their followers.

*Lead armies into battle, treating each unit as a character in its own right.

*Rule a domain.

*Be eaten by a monster.

* * * * *

The random generators are of value to players of any roleplaying game, even if they do not use the Usurper rules and are made to be as generic as possible, permitting their use in a wide variety of fantasy adventure games.

Likewise, this is well suited for cooperative and solo players due to the wide range of randomly generated content that can be generated.