Whether you want to lead a grav tank platoon, crush the enemy under the treads of your super tank or command a company of colonial militia against an onslaught of alien bugs, this supplement for FiveCore Company Commander has you covered.

New unit types, ranging from grav tanks and drop troops to stealth units and super soldiers.

Rules for super-sized units like monsters, super tanks and mecha.

New weapons systems, including energy weapons and drone swarms.

New unit specialists to assist your squads, like psionics and sentry guns.

To round it all off, a new war generator to help set up a science fiction conflict.

A typical army has 8-15 stands. Suitable for scales from 6-15mm but playable in other scales.

This is a supplement and a copy of FiveCore Company Commander is required to use this supplement.

The scifi expansion for Company Commander is here and ready for you. Covering a bit of everything, from grav tanks and drop troops to giant mecha and berserk bugs, if you have scifi mini's collecting dust, time to get them off the shelf and on the table. Since this is an expansion, you need a copy of FiveCore Company Commander to use it. For those unfamiliar with FC CC, a typical game has 8-15 stands on each side and lasts about an hour to 90 minutes. 22 pages, 2.99 of your human dollars.