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    Here are a few pics of a couple recent games, the first fight in the jungle with a  some of my more sophisticated post apoc forces in a non-post apoc game.

    More pics here:  http://irishserb.blogspot.com/2021/02/bungle-in-jungle-28mm-sci-fi.html

    And a post apoc AAR from two weekends back:

    More pics and the AAR on my blog at:


    Hope they might be of interest, and thanks for looking.


    Nice set up for the jungle game, very impressive. Ols Cadian vs new Cadian was kind of funny.

    The second game was, differnt. Were the kids smaller scale minis?

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    The second game was envisioned as a pursuit ending in a firefight, but rolled up with four parties involved, one being random critters, and ended up going it a little different from what I expected.   There were two smaller children, one of which mostly ends up out of the pics that are 28mm Hasslefree figs, and one older child that was from Leading Edge.  I can’t remember if those were marketed as 25mm or 28mm.  It was from either the Lawnmower man set or one of the Aliens sets.

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    Really good stuff.  The ending of the 2nd game was just like a TV show or movie, leaves so much open to further adventures.  I’m sure the baddies grabbed the girl as a slave or breeding stock (to be tactful), but I am hoping they have a less nefarious plan as that would be much more interesting.  Can’t wait to see what the man in the orange had does when he appears next!

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    Always love your game reports, especially the post apoc ideas. Just looked at the rumble in the jungle so far and am curious what rules you are using? I get the impression they are your own but are they based on an existing rules set? Thank you.



    Thanks guys.  I was completely surprised by the way the chase game developed, and kind of blind-sided that they got away with the girl.  I didn’t really think it would happen.  I’m going to work on seeing where the story (and scenarios) go over the weekend.

    The rules are all home-brew, the same set for both games.  They grew out of a set that I wrote for a light role-play colonial adventure set around piracy and whatnot in the south Pacific (inspired by the movie Nate and Hayes among other things).  I expanded them to include a wider range of weapons and equipment, and have worked with two versions, a sort of long and short version, having a little more or less granularity.  The short version works great for smaller skirmishes, but the range of factors and results is a little cramped for something like the jungle game, so I’m sort of weighing how to compromise the two.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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