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    The Wargaming Company ran three battles from Napoleon’s 1812 Russian campaign at Little Wars, the first was Vitebsk.

    Vitebsk is a four-five player scenario from the Master of the World, 1812 in Russia Campaign Guide. We ran the battle with four players, at a ground scale of 1″=75 yards with 15mm figures using Et sans résultat!.

    The game ran quite well. None of the players on the table had played ESR before, all were familiar with Napoleonic wargames to some degree.

    The scenario pits Murat’s French advanced guard against Tuchkov’s rear guard. The scenario is a hard battle for the French. The Russian elements are better chosen for their purpose and the French have too much cavalry for their assignment.

    In this game the French were neither overly hurried or cautious and managed their affairs quite well. Unfortunately, so did the Russians and in a rear guard action, a tie generally goes to the defender…

    More photos are available in The Wargaming Company Gallery.

    We’ll be posting similar after action reports and photos from our subsequent two games soon.


    The Bandit

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