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    Avatar photoAnthony Miles

    Back in March we played part of the Battle of Leipzig 1813, specifically the fight for the villages of Mockern and Gross and Klein Wiederitzch.

    We used 28mm figures and Shako II for the rules. The game was played over a Friday night and the following Saturday.

    I commanded the left wing of the Prussian troops attacking Mockern itself, also providing the link to our Russian allies on our left.

    It was a hard fought game with the French around Mockern and especially the Poles in Gross and Klein Wiederitzch putting up a staunch resistance.

    Finally after hours of brutal fighting with heavy loses on both sides the Prussians finally captured Mockern and the victory, despite the Poles still clinging to their objective.

    More on my blog at Jabba’s Wargaming


    Avatar photowillz

    Wonderful looking Napoleonic wargame, with lots of eye candy.  Thanks for posting.

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Yes, thank you, very inspiring.


    Huzzah! Good show

    Avatar photoAnthony Miles
    Avatar photoSir Able

    That looks amazing.

    Avatar photoAdmiralHawke

    Ditto. Some superb terrain, particularly the river, and some beautifully painted miniatures.

    Thank you for posting so many of your pictures on your blog, rather than just on Facebook (which I avoid on principle, rather than because I’m a luddite 😉 ).

    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Love this, great visual appeal.  Will get round to doing this myself, I hope.

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