15mm Sci-Fi Buildings

This set was designed in co-operation with ClearHorizon Miniatures for their Sigma Event 2177 Gruntz™ starter set (available on Kickstarter).

This set contains a total of 6 structures, 3 intact and 3 ruined.

These are perfect for use with Gruntz™ and other 15mm Sci-Fi games.

6mm Sci-Fi Buildings

Set of 6 Sci-Fi buildings perfect for ultra modern cities or future world sci-fi games in 6mm (Epic Scale) and 1/285th scale.

This is a set of 6 buildings. There are three designs; a small one story building, a larger one story building, and a two story building. You get one each of those designs and a damaged version of each for a total of 6 buildings.

Each model is precision laser cut from the highest quality mat board (as used in the picture framing industry), this is not flimsy paper, this is stiff mat board. Models go together in minutes using common white glue or “Tacky glue” and can be painted to any level of detail you desire or simply sprayed one color so you can get back to gaming.