No Stars in Sight – No Rusk in Sight “Promotional Offer”

Nordic Weasel Games have very kindly created a mini supplement as a quick guide to using my “Rusk” figures for the fantastic No Stars in Sight games rules! You can find the ‘pay as you like – (recommended 99cents!)’ supplement HERE and the rules HERE

The aim is to give the player ready-to-use, pre-calculated units as well as offer a few rules tweaks.
A Good war game should be a tool box for the player to adopt and there are a myriad number of ways a force can be made distinctive with very little tweaking of rules. The supplement contains some unique Rusk attributes!

As thanks for this, I’m going to offer some special games packs for you at 15% OFF!

To get this code, simply visit the Wargames vault site and order the rules. The supplement is pay as you like (recommend 99cents!) and the rules themselves are a very reasonable $12.99. They are available HERE and HERE

Coupon code is 15nostarsinsight

To use this code, run through the order process and enter code when prompted. The 15% will be added to all No stars in sight products.