We've recently released the YPR-765 with ERA

Options available are:
YPR-765 pri - Standard IFV with 25 mm cannon in turret
YPR-765 pri 50 - M113 cupola in place of turret
YPR-765 pri 50 shields - As above with additional shields
YPR-765 M26 Cupola - IFV with M26 cupola
YPR-765 prat - IFV with TOW Hammerhead turret
YPR-765 prco-C-4 - Command post vehicle
Tent - Tent that can be used with prco-C-4
AIFV-B-MILAN - Belgian model with MILAN

6mm is £1.00
12mm is £3.23
15mm is £4.85
20mm is £9.70
28mm is £19.50

The models are available in most scales.