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Just Jack

Whirlwind John – Yeah, I believe IABSM works much better for solo gaming.  Having said that, it’s a company-sized set of rules (attacker supposed to put a reinforced company on the table, defender and understrength company) that tries to get too much into the weeds (it’s designed to play with individually-mounted troops!), so I basically use the command and control system, but use 5Core concepts for combat and morale.  I outlined my changes here:

Kyote John – Not sad at all, you just need to use it to play some games and post documentary evidence on the internet that we can all enjoy 😉

Thomaston – Nah, just a little bigger.  What do you mean regarding the Klink comment?  I’m not following a particular unit, but there will be more of these, follow the link to Steve’s blog, this is all part of a Kursk campaign.  Thanks man, it was a lot of fun, glad you enjoyed it.