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christopher crabb

Hi all, please forgive the forwarding of this speed painting tutorial, thought i’d show you how you can get table-ready results toot sweet with these buildings.

There was no washing off mould release as none is used, and the model wasn’t undercoated, it was all done with drybrushing and washes straight onto the resin. This is a real time saver.
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First off, a fairly heavy drybrush of Vallejo Model Colour ‘Pale Sand’ (This is slightly lighter than Bleached Bone), favouring the top half of the wall, points on the facade and ledge, and gradually easing up towards the base of the building.

Now a lighter drybrush of VMC White.

Now a 60/40 water/Agrax Earthshade wash all over, taking time to roughly push a bit extra into the cracks. The resin will ‘drink’ up the shade more than you might expect, so you might want to do another wash after the first has dried, as I did.

A final light drybrush of white over all the edges and we’re done! You may wish to varnish at this stage, but the paint will stick to the model a lot better than you might expect from other materials.

There we have it! Almost all the range can be painted this way, you really can get this stuff table-ready in no time.
Thanks for reading, backing and supporting! F.M.