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Thanks guys

Norm, I glad you’re finding it helpful and interesting. When you’re a little insecure about the whole process it’s great to get positive feedback 🙂


Jack I find it hilarious that you think the production is professional working…I never made a video in my life…I hate photographs and I hate videos and I hate being in family videos(ruins what otherwise is a perfect family image). My wife is the photo/video person. Hence my rather sheepish voice on the videos…but at least no drawl

I had watched a few rules played out on youtube and I felt it was one of the few ways I could get a feel for the rules without actually playing them. That last video took me so much shorter a time to create than if I was writing up a report. I do miss just playing the game without reporting on it and I agree a written report feels way less intrusive. I wasn’t really trying to sell you on the video idea …I just enjoy annoying you 🙂 It’s always the tough guys dealing it out that can never take a jab in return 🙂 I’ve mentioned in the past that I had two close pals who were really “tough” Marines (all Marine’s are actually soft pussy cat types as you know Jack) and I’d enjoy cutting their egos down to size. I think they could take a ribbing better than you though 😀

Back to the game. I think you have a different directive going on in your games but when I’m playing I’m not trying to play in a way that is tactically competitive as if I’m playing chess. I’m attempting to either tell a story or in this case I wanted to see if the rules themselves would punish some blatantly obvious blunders like the half track driving up the main street facing a Sherman.

As Rod pointed out in an earlier post the forces themselves seemed almost too well matched considering  theGerman’s had the  advantage of being the defenders.

I attempted a slight compromise with the Germans receiving their forces as reinforcements. There were longer than expected delays especially with their armor support which they desperately needed to negate the double threat of the Sherman and Greyhound. Of course the US purposefully brought these forward early to maximize their firepower against the toughened German positions. The US had hoped that by the 4th turn the German two MG threats would be neutralized/suppressed so that the infantry 1 and 2 squads could make a dash across the bridge led in front by the Greyhound. The Sherman would be used cautiously to keep the Stug at bay…

In future I may revert to just written reports or just brief summaries of games showing the highlights. I would like to try a vid with Ivan’s 5 core system also.

To my shame Blue I don’t have panda on the table…next game I’ll hide him out somewhere…


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