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Rod Robertson

Just Jack:

well, I couldn’t help myself. I am so weak. So without further delay….

A good end to this phase of Cuba Libre but CL 31 would have been a better finale IMHO. A hard fought and exhausting slug-fest. Were the Guapos family handsome or ugly? Your double-entendre was amusing. Vector Guapos? What were you thinking? 

Perhaps in the near future El Presidente escapes from captivity and makes it to Venezuela. Then the CLA send special forces via Columbia to kill El Presidente before he can muster his own CSLA! The various recce and raiding missions might be fun and the CLA could help the Columbians defend themselves against Venezuelan reprisal attacks and FARC raids.

Or the CLA could go to Jugoslavia to fight in the civil war or to Albania/Kosovo to help the KLA create a Greater Albania! CLA in Chiapas Province of southern Mexico fighting Commander Marcos? CLA in Bolivia fighting for the water monopolies in the Cochabamba Water War? Africa?

The possibilities are endless!

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson