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CAG 19

Thanks Jack, very useful. As I said not criticising more about asking what the book is going to provide to the gamer, from what you said it is rule agnostic, so the 5core rules seem to give a good game. Play balance looks  good and if it comes down to the last roll of the dice even better. Be interesting to see if you can scale it up for brigade commander or if the scenarios only work with the force troops provided.

When a mate and I playtested a set of rules for someone we didn’t pick up on certain game mechanics because of how we play games. I refuse for example to play anything competition based or with lists preferring to pitch “realistic” force elements against each other so we never tried certain troop combinations ie all dismounted or all mounted mech inf and it takes that kind of game where the rules work or don’t.  The troop density for the table size looks good as well.

One suggestion could be that rather rescue the guys from 10th SF, you are looking for downed crews from the Avn Squadron which would seem to be more a likely activity (it is also one of the ones in the Armor vignettes) 🙂

Keep ’em coming

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