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Don Glewwe
Copied/Pasted (ie: screwed up) from another thread:

Again: The relative time/motion actions are the same. The time to carry out a maneuver in an aircraft is exactly the same as that of the opponent: not ‘vastly greater’. Melee between humans on foot is exactly as mobile/static as that between aircraft (relative to the respective ‘kill zones’).

Again, absolutely not.  I am a bit puzzled here.  You keep on asserting that a WW2 multi-aircraft combat in 3-dimensions is pretty much like Bruce Lee fighting Jackie Chan – it is “relatively the same”.

The claim of similarity is based on the relationship between weapon range (hands/feet and machineguns/cannon) and ability to land/evade an attack.  A martial artist can move to hit an opponent with the same general ability the opponent has to dodge that attack.  In the same way, a fighter pilot can maneuver to line up an attack within the same framework the potential target has of getting out of the line of fire.  The time/space used by the first pair is much smaller, but each pair shares a similar time/space combat box (or kill zone).


The position/stance of the trooper (within the combat box) is not modeled on the table at all, much less fudged.

I think you must be using combat box in a way I don’t understand.  The position of troopers in skirmish games is very clearly defined versus each other and the terrain.

Not within the hex/space/whatever the figure occupies that is being used to represent the combat box (within which an attack can be made).  The stance, foot position, arm movements are not detailed in the same manner that an aircraft’s position is modelled on the tabletop.



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