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Guy Farrish

Now you see, you have made a judgement about what EVERYONE wants from a game, from what YOU want from a game.

If the spectacle’s the thing for someone, having a fluorescent thing (bunged down or otherwise matron) might just ruin it as a game for them.

If you are going to do that why bother having accurate(ish) figures painted up on a terrain that resembles(ish) a particular piece of landscape?

Personally I am happy to play using a chalked map on a board and counters (and) have often done just that, but I also like the painted figs and pretty terrain option. Mixing the two aesthetics seems a bit odd to me. You may be happy with it. Which is fine – but you can’t just say ‘It’s a game not a film set’, because judging by what we see around us – it is the ‘film set’ look that many people like about the game.

Wargaming’s a broad church.