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Well, as one of the designers I have to say these rules will change your life, add pep to your step, and help save thousands in home repairs! But seriously, what I was aiming for was something easy and quick, but focused on the specialist weapons and small unit tactics that developed during the war. Roughly the game scale of Through the Mud and the Blood, but simpler. As a rule of thumb, if you like Ivan’s other Nordic Weasel games or Niel Thomas’ rules such as One Hour Wargames, this will probably be your cup of tea. Take a look at my first playthrough, you can see how we have suppression baked into the system. All in all I am very happy with them, but most importantly they are a toolbox, and you can easily add chrome if you like, many optinal rules are included. I hope you give them a spin, thanks!


Thanks for the comments. They’re useful.

We like a range of rules for the various periods we game; some more complex than others & I’m not silly enough to confuse “complex” with “valid”.

The latest member of our small group wants to bring something to the table: literally. He thinks WW1 which we’ve never done.

He’s never painted a figure or gamed before the dozen games of various periods he’s had with us. I don’t want him overwhelmed with the task of providing hundreds of figures, cupboards full of terrain & a rule set that takes a considerable period to “nut” out (I’m looking at you, Field of Glory!!!).

I’ve directed him to your game report & to Ivan’s page advertising the rules. If he’s interested, I’ll also buy a set & encourage the others to do so as well.

So, yes, I’m a nice person but it’s also self-interest in the more games I play & the more involved are group members, the happier I am.



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