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What are ‘bricoles’?

Guy I was agreeing with you generally but just trying to point out that this is a problem generally and not just for the TYW.  Much that ‘we know’ about the ECW and the whole period up to the SYW is based on not very sound info.

I too despair at ever reading a full account by Daniel, but it does look like he might produce something soon and whatever it is like I am sure it will be an interesting read.

I don’t know on Wilson and the deployment there. But I think from the little I know that Daniel is right in that we basically don’t know. So I guess this is a ‘best guess’ interpretation of the deployment. Something that might be of interest is this – https://www.amazon.co.uk/L%C3%BCtzen-Battles-Peter-H-Wilson/dp/0199642540 . A friend of mine has it and says it is great, mine is in the post and I can’t wait 🙂