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    A few snaps from Wednesday night’s CY6! game: Bombing Bir Bubi. Set in the Western Desert c. early 1942. A pair of Stukas escorted by two pair of Bf-109s flew in to dive bomb British artillery positions at Bir Bubi, covered by medium flak and two pair of Tomahawks.

    I had four players last night, none of them very experienced with CY6! One of the players had asked me to include bombing in a game, so I challenged them with a dive bombing mission and gave him the Stukas. The game potentially extended through 3 CABs, and the players were confused by the vertical element. The poker chips in the photos represent CAB – red for Medium Bottom, white for Low, no chip for Surface Low, but no one ever got that low. The chips I used were slippery hard plastic, and the stands slid around on them and caused issues; I need to get some matte-finish, non-skid poker chips.

    The Stuka player realized that he could evade the British fighters by diving away from them, and he had the altitude to do it. The British players were confused by the mechanics of diving, and distracted by the German fighters. One Messerschmitt blundered into the Tomahawks’ field of fire and got shot down early. Other than that, few shots were taken and no damage done, as the Tomahawks hesitated too long to dive after the Stukas.

    The Stukas wisely stayed above the British medium anti-aircraft until the moment came to make their attack. The Stukas missed their targets, and the flak did no damage as they made off. Game over.

    We all gained some experience. I may have had more fun than the players, but I’ve been invited to run another game next week, so all’s well.

    This photo is early in the game. I started the Tomahawks at maximum altitude, Medium Bottom CAB, TAL 6. The German players chose also to start high. The Stuka player understood that he could stay above the British AA by flying in the Medium Bottom CAB for as long as possible. The white squares are the British artillery positions. A couple of them are actually 40mm Bofors AA, and the German players don’t know which ones. The mosque building is for grins.



    Tomahawks and Messerschmitts mix it up. The flaming cotton puff is an unfortunate Messerschmitt who zigged when he shoulda zagged. The British players haven’t noticed that the Stukas are already diving away from them.


    End of game. The Stukas have bombed and are running for a board edge. The Tomahawks are trying to figure out how to catch them, and realizing that they can’t dive fast enough.

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