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Thanks for the thoughts guys.

Some very good ideas here: https://www.6mmacw.com/forests.html

Oh yes, seen that and filed it in the “gotta do” category.  I’m wanting something similar, but somewhat flexible.  Literally flexible as in somewhat bendy.  I’m still out on whether a removable top is the way to go.

Could the clump foliage also be on a flexible backing that simply lies over the trunks?


When you have combat in the jungle, take the “lid” off the area

I like the idea, but the problem would be the flexible part, as the trucks would not be attached to the canopy and would have to be on their own base, unless they are stuck vertically into the tabletop.

So that thought leads me 2 directions:

  1. The possibility of inverting the design, sort of.  Maybe the nails push up through a mesh and lay on their heads, and another flexible mesh with clump foliage sits on them so it can be removed.
  2. Or the tabletop is perhaps a self healing mat of some sort with maybe foam beneath that can have wooden skewers pushed in for the trunks, and then the flexible mesh with clump foliage can lay on top of that.  This would allow for vertical trunks for sure, as well as freedom of placing them wherever.

Food for thought, thank you again dudes!

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."