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I had to log in at 10:36 this morning in order to make this post, and I’ve had to log in again to make this reply!  I use an ipad mini and the only cookie settings I can see are to either block all or accept all.  Block all is turned off.  I don’t want to delete my website data because there are numerous passwords for various sites stored there and to wipe all of them would be most annoying.

However, I might have stumbled upon the cause.  Because I have to log in, seemingly on every visit, my ipad ‘knows’ the username and password for this site.  When those fields are empty it suggests using the stored data to log in.  When I accept that it autofills those fields and automatically, and invisibly, hits return and logs me in.  But it does so before I can check the ‘keep me logged in’ box.  So I guess that shortly after I leave the site it forgets about me and makes me go through the log in again.  But why has this only started recently?

Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.