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I’m painting Kallistra ACW at the moment –

this is my Wargames standard.
Kallistra ACW Union

would you be happy with achieving something like this standard?

if so, some simple rules:

brushes – but a set of Army Painter brushes.

select the Wargamer: Detail Brush and block paint the basic colours – work with darker than standard uniform colour.

now select brush Wargamer: Kolinsky Masterclass.

Paint each blocked colour with the standard uniform colour you want but only painting the central and raised areas. Leaving darker painter where other colours/parts of the uniform are.

then with same brush, use a highlight colour, quite bright, and just touch raises and central detail with this bright colour for each colour on the figure.

example for flesh. Block paint flesh a dark brown. Highlight with a dark/sunburnt flesh colour/highlight with light flesh colour. you can then choose to apply a wash – I recommend a dark brown enamel wash. If you don’t want mix this up yourself simply buy Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Brown). This stuff works wonders!

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